Scape Escape: Tel Aviv, Israel

As I begin this post I am sitting at the Zurich International Airport waiting for my flight to D.C. I haven’t slept for 36 hours but I don’t care–this food review cannot wait any longer!

I was lucky enough to have a chance to visit the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo in Israel this past week. It was an unforgettable experience to say the least. I had never before been to Israel and felt like I went in with an embarrassingly minimal amount of knowledge regarding its culture (I am also not Jewish).

Everyone I encountered was incredibly welcoming! While Hebrew is the official language, most people speak English as well and all restaurants have variations of menus. Tel Aviv is often considered one of the most accommodating cities for eaters of plant-based diets.

For this reason, I am initiating a new series on the blog, “Scape Escapes” (scape…like garlic scape..HA-HA). I love travelling to new cities but it is not always easy to find vegetarian/vegan options that are affordable and easily accesible. Additionally, I wanted to create a log for myself to help remember the INCREDIBLE eats I was able to experirence while in TLV.

First Shakshuka on the beach!
“Humus Habait: Second Best in Tel Aviv.” The raw onion and pickles are used to scoop up the hummus along with the pita. I thought it would be disgusting but WOW it was perfect (and I’ve always despised traditional pickles).
Muesli with Chia pudding at Cafe Xoho…definitely my favorite breakfast of the trip! The “Health Tea” on the side is an iced infusion of ginger, turmeric, honey, and cucumber. Will be recreating!
Scooping that fava bean at Humus Habit again…and again…
Same fava, different angle. Can you tell I was having a love affair with chickpeas?
Beluga lentil falafel with tahini at Table Talk. Real falafel should be completely green inside!
Cafe Yom Tov muesli with an iced Americano, of course.
Pistachio pastry ogling at the Shuk HaCarmel
The bulk spice bins at the Shuk. When I die I’d like to be buried here.
Vegan(!) Shakshuka at Anatastia…made with tofu! I’ll likely try to recreate this as well.
Red lentil hummus with roasted mushrooms and asparagus at The Little Prince
Raw granola with almond milk + green smoothie from Anastasia
Savory “vegan breakfast” (tofu scramble + toast + roasted veggies, eaten for lunch) at Cafe Xoho
One of my favorite dishes of the trip: whole roasted cauliflower takeaway from Miznon)
No explanation needed.
Cafe Shneour muesli on repeat
Here it is y’all…the #1 hummus in the world! Abu Hassan in Jaffa. It lived up to the hype. Spicy, Fava Bean, and Classic.
Roasted cauliflower salad with tahini.
Warmed banana bread with creme fraiche and a double shot
Broccolini at Port Said, a TLV staple. Great atmosphere here!
Ratatouille at Port Said. Wow I love gluten so much.
Vegan Shakshuka hummus at Humus Habit. The first time in my life that ordering vegan actually elicited a high-five from my server!
Brunch at the highly-rated vegan spot Zakaim. I was not expecting this many plates! Live your dreams friends.
What do the beans mean?! Spicy musababa at Zakaim


I rarely deviate from black coffee, but look how pretty this beet almond milk latte is! Surprisingly wonderful.
On the side of the beet latte, muesli of course.
Poor quality picture, high quality snack- Pad Thai popcorn from Diego San.
Cookie Swirl gelato
My favorite meal on my last night! 23 constantly refilled salads from The Old Man and the Sea at the historic Jaffa port.

There you have it! The best “food” city I have ever encountered. Yes, I did other things besides just eat. But those pictures are on Facebook. This is a food blog we need to prioritize what really matters!

Seriously. I could not recommend Tel Aviv enough. I felt incredibly safe and welcomed by everyone there. If you ever find yourself in that region of the world, let me know!

Now  time to plan the next Scape Escape…any ideas?

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