A Peek Inside my Hungry Harvest Delivery

So I’ve written about my partnership with Hungry Harvest (here) on this website before, so please read that if you’re not familiar with who they are!

Hi friends! I thought I would give you all a specific peek into what a typical order from Hungry Harvest looks like.

In the past few months, HH has introduced the concept of “customized” boxes, which has been a game changer! Now, each week you can select the exact amounts of produce you’d like to receive, along with the longstanding “add-on” options. Boxes are delivered on Sunday mornings. You have until the previous Wednesday evening to customize your order, and a confirmation email is sent out on Thursday that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 3.18.18 PM

As you can see, this particular order was fairly produce-heavy. However, the add-on options include eggs, bread, jam…the list goes on an on! It would be fairly easy to get the majority of your groceries in this fashion. Bonus: it’s delivered directly to your door!

One common misconception I’ve heard from friends is that the food that Hungry Harvest supplies is “secondhand.” As you can see in the email clip above, often times the produce was simply overgrown or the grocer ordered a surplus accidentally.

I have never received fruits or vegetables that were rotten or moldy. The aesthetic “imperfections” that cause fruits to be rejected by stores are preposterous in my opinion! Just because an apple is not perfectly round does not mean it isn’t delicious 🙂


Let’s take a peek into the box listed above:

Do I even like garlic?

The box I order is the smallest size they have (since I am just cooking for myself). I can definitely see a family getting use out of one of the larger options. There are also selections if you’d like your entire box to be organic. I am currently not paying for this because my typical delivery almost always turns out to be organic anyway!

If you’re interested in signing up (or just trying it out), check the list of delivery locations here. Use the code HERO5 for a $5.00 discount on your first box!




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  1. That is such a wonderful program! I’d take advantage of that in a heartbeat if they had it in our area! The produce looks great

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