A perfect warm-to-cool weather cocktail, great for autumn and Thanksgiving!

Ingredients Needed:

-1 bottle dry white wine -2 cups apple cider,  -2 apples of choice, sliced thinly -1 pear -1 TBS freshly grated ginger (optional) -1/4 cup orange juice, or shot of orange liqueur like Cointreau -1 tsp ground cinnamon -Rosemary and cinnamon sticks for garnishing

How to Make Apple Cider Sangria

1)Mix cinnamon and sugar onto a small plate. Rub some water around the edge and then coat the rim in cinnamon sugar. 2) In a big pitcher or bowl with ladle, combine white wine, cider, sliced fruit, ginger if using, orange juice or liqueur, and cinnamon. For best flavor, let sit at least an hour before serving (this is optional). 3)Serve the cocktails over ice, garnished with a cinnamon stick and sprig of rosemary!

 A perfect large batch cocktail, ready in minutes