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20 Casual Brunch Recipes

This roundup includes all of 20 favorite vegan recipes for hosting or attending brunch! Check out the complete list for french toast, scones, cinnamon rolls, and (of course) festive cocktails.

Recipes and Tips for Hosting or Attending a Casual Brunch

Brunch is the most festive meal for entertaining. There’s something about combining two meals really maximizes the fun you can have! Not to mention, the wonderful drink selection that tends to coincide with plates of both sweet and savory foods. On the best brunch menus, you never need to choose just one or the other!

This roundup includes all of my favorite recipes for a casual but FUN brunch celebration. Whether you’re hosting it yourself or heading over to a family member or friend’s house, selecting a few of these is a surefire way to treat loved ones to something special.

What are some ways to keep hosting brunch stress-free?

Delegate! If you are the person hosting, assign each guest one meal “category,” such as salads, sweet main, savory main, baked good, etc. This will ensure a wide variety of courses and also helps attendees feel useful.

What is something good to bring to a brunch party?

Anything that is easily sharable and does not need to be refrigerated is a good start. As a guest, you can’t always assume there will be additional space to store items prior to eating. Most of the recipes included in this list are easy to prep ahead!

What is a good nonalcoholic drink for a brunch menu?

Many classic cocktails such as Screwdrivers and Bloody Marys can easily be made alcohol-free by substituting sparkling water or juice in place of liquor.


Carrot Ginger Turmeric JuiceReady in just about 5 minutes, it’s a great morning treat that is inspired by the version from Trader Joe’s — no juicer required!

Carrot Bloody MarySwapping tomato juice for carrot juice lends a subtle sweetness to this classic savory cocktail.

Iced Coffee ShakeMade with dates and fresh coffee or espresso, this perky blend is frothy like a milkshake and totally dairy-free.

Rhubarb ShrubA shrub is a syrup traditionally made by combining equal amounts of fruit, sugar, and vinegar. This version with rhubarb is perfect for spring, fresh, and slightly tart!

Sparkling Rosé French 75A twist on a traditional drink recipe, this replaces champagne with sparkling pink wine for a light and pretty pink beverage with minimal ingredients.


Creamy Pesto Potato SaladMade with crispy roasted potatoes and a simple basil pesto, it’s a breeze to throw together and a great pair for burgers, grilled vegetables and more. No mayo needed! 

Crisp Sesame Cucumber Salad The perfect no-cook side dish for any summer meals, this dish is refreshing and full of toasted sesame flavor.

Arugula Fennel SaladPeppery arugula leaves are coated in a citrus dressing and then topped with chopped dates, orange wedges, sliced fennel, and tangy feta (vegan as needed). 

Strawberry Quinoa SaladThis recipe is a perfect summer side dish, full of fresh berries, creamy avocado, refreshing mint, and high-protein quinoa. 

Pancakes and Waffles

Carrot Cake WafflesThese perfectly festive for spring and full of cozy flavors! They’re great for Easter brunch or breakfast in bed and reheat beautifully during the week.

Fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes – While these may not be seasonal, they’re full of cozy spices like cinnamon and topped with maple syrup. Ready in just 15 minutes!

French Toast

Cinnamon Crunch Croissant French ToastWe’re coating store-bought pastries in sweet cinnamon-sugar topping and then baking them until crisp and golden. Serve with yogurt, cream, berries, and syrup for a decadent and celebratory breakfast!

Cinnamon Sugar French Toast SticksThese are a nostalgic version of the classic cafeteria breakfast! Made totally vegan and easily gluten-free, this recipe is a breeze to prepare and a hit with adults and kids alike. 

Baked Goods (Breads, Rolls, Scones, and Muffins)

Fluffy Vegan SconesThese feel fancy but are ready in less than 30 minutes! They’re fluffy, soft, and totally customizable with add-ins like berries and nuts.

Easiest Traditional Cinnamon RollsThis recipe is ready in under 2 hours and made with just 8 ingredients!

Bakery-Style Lemon Poppyseed MuffinsFull of zesty lemon flavor, crunchy poppy seeds, and a berry jam glaze, this healthy snack will transport you straight to springtime. 

How to Make English MuffinsThese are also made with just 8 ingredients! These are full of classic flavor and delicious when toasted (with butter + jam) or on a breakfast sandwich.

Simple Vegan Zucchini BreadMinimal prep time is required for this easy quick bread, making it perfect for midweek snacking or a healthy breakfast. Customizable and whole grain!

Easy Vegan Strawberry ShortcakeThis recipe is ready in just 20 minutes! It’s a great spring or summer dessert idea filled with fresh, bright berries and fluffy coconut whipped cream.

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